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Doors, Brick and Wood Stairs & Handrails

Old wrought iron handrails New wrought iron handrails Mortar before repair Mortar after repair

Replace old wrought iron handrail with new

Mortar repair

Dilapidated wooden stairs and handrail New brick stairs and handrail Stairs and handrail - side view - before Stairs and handrail - side view - after Screen porch - before Screen porch - after
Replaced dilapidated wooden stairs with brick and new wood handrails Add back door & stairs to screen porch
Add handrails Old double doors New single door with sidelites Old handrails New handrails
Added hand rails

Double door replaced with single door and sidelights


Original narrow steps Widened steps Add handrail Rotten handrail columns New and painted handrail and columns Bricks - before Bricks cleaned and repaired - after
Widen brick steps Add handrail Replace all railings and posts Bricks cleaned and repaired
Missing bricks New bricks Crumbling mortar Repaired mortar Stairs before repair Stairs after repair

Missing bricks replaced, mortar pointed out

Old door New door - during New door completed with new storm door added Old door New fiberglass door and storm door
Old door New door "during" New door completed with new storm door added New fiberglass door and storm door


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