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Home Maintenance Checklist

Kiser's Home Service & Repairs, Inc. recommends that all homeowners do a visual inspection periodically to prevent major problems from occurring.  Spring and Fall are the best times to conduct your 6 month inspections.  If you notice any problems, be sure to call us immediately. 


Exterior Checklist


Siding & Bricks: look for warping in siding and disintegration in bricks

Every 6 months

Doors and Windows: check for gaps in caulking and weather stripping; rotten wood frames or shutters; torn screens; locks working improperly Every 6 months
Gutters: check and remove any debris; insure water is draining away from the home Every 6 months
Roof: check for missing or cracked shingles Every 6 months
Decks & Patios: check for rotten or warping wood, loose railings, torn screens Every 6 months
Fences: check for rotten wood or rusted links Every 6 months
Trees: check for damaged branches or dead trees that may fall on the home during a major storm Every 6 months
Firewood/Woodpiles: make sure they are stacked properly and kept away from the home to prevent termite infestation Every 6 months
Heat Pumps: make sure outside unit is not obstructed to insure proper air flow Every 3 months
Outdoor electrical outlets and lights: test outlets and lights to insure they work properly Every 3 months
Outdoor faucets: make sure faucets are not leaking or dripping Monthly
Interior Checklist Frequency
Flooring: check for loose or squeaky floorboards; loose or torn carpeting; ripped or broken tile; scratches on wooden floors Once a year
Walls: check for cracks or warping in drywall Once a year
Interior Doors: check for squeaks and tight closures; insure that door knobs work properly Every 6 months
Ceilings: check for cracks and leaks Every 6 months
Basement or Crawl Spaces: check for cracks or any sign of dampness or leaks; check for possible rotten wood Every 6 months
Bath & Kitchen Tile: check for loose or bad grout; loose or cracked tiles Every 6 months
Exhaust Fans & Vents: check for debris and proper airflow Every 6 months
Ceiling Lights & Fans: check for proper working order Monthly
Plumbing: check all sink and tub faucets for leaks; check around base of toilets for leaks; check under sinks for possible water damage; check connections to washing machine and ice maker for possible leaks or loose fittings; check water heater for signs of leaks Monthly


Charlotte Better Business Bureau

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